Sugar Snap YOU! Submit Your Hiney Off!

So, I have the blog, see? And I love writing for it, see? But the thing is, I need some inspiration. And I can’t think of a better way to get inspired than by asking my readers to write. And so, Sugar Snap Me is asking for submissions*. Now, the dealio is that whatever you submit to me may or may not be published. If you are ok with that, then submit your little heart out. If you aren’t ok with that then, well, you’re weird.

I want to hear your most embarrassing childhood memory. Now, when I say childhood, what I mean is any memory that embarrasses you from before you were old enough to vote, because let’s face it, most of us were children until our mid-twenties anyway, but asking for your most embarrassing childhood memory requires some realistic boundaries.

I will read through all the submissions and select my favorite. If I just can’t choose (which is the reason I have 23 black tank tops-I love them ALL) then I will post the top 3. We’ll see how this whole thing goes. Ya dig? Who knows? Maybe I’ll love them all and it will be a smorgasbord of shame!

Two more things:

1) Share this with your “network”. This is a word I have most recently added to my arsenal of fancy words. So, post it to your Facebook wall and ask your friends/family to participate. I want to see a crap ton of submissions for my first ever submissions-fest.

2) I can only offer you one thing in return for your participation, and that is that when I die, you will be the last person I think of. Swear. Pinkie promise. For reals. Totes. No joke.

*Please submit to – Deadline is 8/13/2012 – No word limit, but don’t be annoying. I’ve added the most obnoxious picture of me ever, just to add some spice.Image


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