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It’s The End Of This Blog As I Know It (and I feel fine)

Well, folks. It’s likely become pretty obvious to you that my blog has become a, er . . . non-priority. I have a new business that has replaced my creative writing time and, well, things have just changed in general for me. I find myself wanting to tuck pieces of myself away and save whatever time I do have for other things.

Years ago when I was living in Santa Fe, one of my friends and I were out gallivanting around town and I was yammering on about this and that, and my friend turned to me and said, “Sarah, sometimes it’s ok to keep some things just for you.” I didn’t really understand what the hell he was talking about, so I said, “I really don’t understand what the hell you’re talking about.” He very gently went on to explain that he believed I tended to commit the crime of the overshare and that it would be healthy for me to try and hold back more and keep some of my thoughts, experiences, and insights to myself to treasure.

As I have grown old and decrepit, I realize that while at the time I thought he was a douchebag, he had a point. And so, I am ending my blog life once my prepaid URL runs out. (I have no idea when this will be, because I don’t pay attention to such things, but I do know that it will happen at some point in the future. I don’t want to look it up right now. I’m tired.)

I thank you for being such supportive readers for the last 3 years. I turned to writing at a time when my life was enjoyable, yet consumed by my children. I love my children, but I have to admit, having them almost caused me to set myself on fire. During that time, it was a struggle for me to find a moment to search my thoughts, let alone put them down on virtual paper, but with each post I felt encouraged to continue doing so. You encouraged me to do so. Writing brought me out of my probably-needed-antipsychotics funk and back to myself in a way that I desperately needed.

But now I am going to take my old friend’s advice and just live my life undocumented. And SIPNEL, I like closure. It’s healthy, and my therapist used to talk a lot about its importance, so I strive for it still. So consider this little announcement me achieving closure.

Peace out.

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